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David Tyreman – Owner, “World Famous” Brand Design Company.

David arrived in the United States from England in 1988.  He began an antique business in his garage and morphed it into Propaganda Inc: a ‘Visual Branding Company’ that helped brand and differentiate some of the best known companies on the planet including Polo Ralph Lauren, Nike, Guess and Disney.

As David grew his multi-million dollar business he developed processes and strategies that guide businesses through the BRAND IDENTITY process. He sold Propaganda Inc in 2000 to work with his true love: entrepreneurs and small businesses.

David is a best-selling author, public speaker, mentor and guide.  His mission is to inspire others to develop an exciting presence in their market by focusing on authentic Brand Identity. As David says; “without a brand you are simply a vendor”. David lives in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Clients have included Polo Ralph Lauren, Fox News, NBC, Nike, Banana Republic, Tommy Hilfiger, and Disney.

Michelle Price – Owner of “A Third Mind” Social Networking Firm.

When Michelle Price escaped from Cubicle Nation after 23 years in corporate America, she put her first expert on the map, online. Within 9 months, their online strategy landed his book on 3 national best-seller lists, including the NY Times & Wall Street Journal.

Today, Price is CEO of A Third Mind Digital Media. For 10+ years, she has been on the leading edge of using emerging technology and online social networks to discover the conversations and influencers to help accelerate her clients’ success.

Price is a self-professed “social media capitalist” who is recognized by peers for not being afraid to share her innovative ideas and thought leadership on turning social influence and connectivity into currency.

Already successful experts transform into even more successful and influential online thought leaders who OWN the online conversation in their industry niche, when they follow her strategies.  She takes already existing proprietary business strategies, training curriculum, industry expertise and unique market position to build and rapidly expand their web presence. And in the process, create raving fans who amplify their message FOR them.

Price is passionate about teaching women experts The “Business” of Thought LeadHERship. Thought Leadhership increases a woman’s influence and income by making targeted social connections with influencers, that accelerate their business fast. Her new mantra is “Connectivity is the New Currency(tm)” and she is considered by her peers to be one of the most connected people on the planet.

Michelle contributes as a guest blogger for the Weekend Entrepreneur, a popular blog on Entrepreneur’s women’s blog network at

Ever active in her community, in 2000, she co-chaired a coalition that was instrumental in getting a 9.5M donation to create 16 community technology centers to help close the digital divide and provide underserved and economically disadvantaged citizens with access to computers and the internet.

Michelle’s big vision is to create and fund a family foundation and leave a legacy in her community – to create a digital media business incubator for the forgotten ones: young urban entrepreneurs between the ages of 18-24.

MDS Advertising

MDS is a full service advertising agency that excels in imaginative use of all media formats. Original, results-winning branding, advertising, marketing, package design, campaign development, commercial and video production, web design, original photography, print and content innovation, video and digital effects, location and studio shoots are all in a day’s work at MDS.  They possess broad expertise in all phases of advertising, as well as video production and mobile device platform application.

MDS has been racking up trophy awards for its creative achievements to prove it.  They have won 8 Summit Awards, 9 Hermes Awards, 10 Telly Awards, 5 Davey Awards and 3 Addy Awards.

MDS counts among its client portfolio, major national brands such as Wal-Mart, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, One World Theatre, the American Red Cross, Aromax, Compaq, Dell, IBM and Motorola Computers, Hyatt Resorts and the University of Texas.

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