Executive Summary

Natural health/Wellcare is the solution to the health care crisis. Many studies prove that natural health care solutions not only improve patient outcomes, but save consumers, corporations, and the government money.

·    The natural health/wellcare market is huge. Natural health/wellcare is currently the fastest growing segment of the health care industry, with 83 million Americans spending over $33 billion of their own money annually.  A recent Google Keyword search on the word “holistic” yielded a global monthly search volume of over 1.8 million hits.

·    Consumers are actively searching for definitive information on natural health/wellcare as the population ages and lives longer. Consumers currently default to getting their information from: family and friends, bouncing from solution to solution; the web of scattered, difficult-to-digest, economically colored information; or primary care physicians who have little to no training in natural health/wellcare treatments.

·    The information sources surrounding natural health/wellcare are very diverse and scattered. They are generally not vetted by a reliable professional resource.  There is no consolidated, credible, “news source” about advancements in natural health/wellcare.  There are very few “trusted advisors” / “thought leader” sources for this space.

·    The Solution: Create the World’s First high-production quality, interactive, Global Internet TV Network devoted to Natural Health and Green Living Education, Entertainment, News, and Product Sales.  See www.nhntv.com. 12 virtual channels, with high quality standards for content production, and a unique, centralized, interactive user experience.  Trusted, informative, empowering content from NHN’s principals’ vast and committed network of over 500,000 natural health practitioners

·    The economic engine that will drive the profitability of NHN includes 6 revenue generating streams derived from a single cost structure: Advertising and sponsorship; product placement; “Green Book” subscribers; virtual Shopping Channel infomercial revenue splits; subscription based professional symposium virtual Forum Channel; multi-tier practitioner directory subscription.

·    These 6 revenue streams, once mature, could conservatively produce significant levels of pre-tax profitability.

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