Company Culture

The most crucial, indispensible element of the success of any company, in any segment of the business world, is the creation of a positive, empowering organizational culture.  Any such culture must offer team members the opportunity to employ their skills and abilities to their fullest extent toward the success of their company’s mission, while simultaneously allowing them to share fully in the fruits of their collective success.

AHI Productions is creating such a culture, characterized by the following qualities:

  • The “Talent Bank” – We are building the strongest, most synergistic team in modern media today.  In so doing,  AHI Productions follows the guidance of one of our favorite mentors, Deepak Chopra, MD: “In order to maximize creativity and offer the best service, it is good to develop a talent bank or a coterie of individuals with unique and diverse talents and abilities and whose individual talents, when added together, are more than the sum of the parts.” (From “Creating Affluence,” Deepak Chopra, MD, 1998)

  • “Leaders lead people, managers manage things.” Working in partnerhsip with Bernie Dohrmann and CEO Space (our business mentor, and the oldest and largest entrepreneurial support system on the planet), and capitalizing on our own extensive leadership experience, the founders of AHI Productions are developing the finest true leaders in the media and business world.

  • Team Member Empowerment – Each team member can fully exercise their creative, decision making and challenge solving skills to accomplish our mission.  By fostering this facet of our culture, AHI Productions is creating an environment which is rapidly propelling our company to breathtaking success.

  • Adherence to the “Golden Rule”Every AHI Productions team member treats both our internal and external customers the way they, themselves, wish to be treated.

  • An Attitude of Success – Every action of every team member focuses on accomplishing our mission.  As each team member creates his/her own success story within AHI Productions, they synergistically foster that same attitude of success within every other team member.

  • Respect for Our Investors and Sponsors – Each dollar entrusted to this company is a symbol of a sacred agreement, a measure of trust on the part of our visionary investors and sponsors.  AHI Productions’ financial management mindset is one of true stewardship.  We carefully and efficiently use these gifts from our friends and partners for the betterment of their interests, as well as the interests of our team members and customers.

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