Attn: Content Creators!

Attention, Natural Health Care and Green Living Practitioners and Experts!

If you are a well qualified, articulate and personable practitioner or expert in the arena of natural health care and green living, you have an opportunity to be on global television!   AHI Productions is currently accepting letters of interest for its exciting new program series, The Practitioners’ Hour, through its Star Maker Affiliate Program, a primary programming venue of the new Natural Health Network’s (NHN) Knowledge Channel.

The Star Maker Affiliate Program allows natural health care and green living practitioners and experts to bring their professional and teaching skills to an eventual global television audience.  We are looking for professionals with exceptionally strong credentials who have a demonstrated talent for clearly communicating complex ideas to large audiences.

The application process is divided into two phases.  In Phase One, each applicant must submit a letter of interest with resume, including any media experience, plus a photograph and a good quality video; links to Web URLs with your video content or YouTube videos are accepted. Letters should include: contact information (name, title(s), address, contact phone, e-mail and web site addresses) and area of expertise.

After initial screening, AHI Productions will select those applicants who will complete Phase Two of the application process.  Phase Two applicants will be e-mailed a copy of the AHI Productions Program Production Proposal outline.

Phase One items may be submitted as a package immediately.  Phase Two items will be submitted as a package upon notification of Phase Two selection.  AHI Productions will not accept incomplete or piecemeal applications for either phase.

Each Star Maker Affiliate finalist must be personally approved by our content management team, our board of directors, and senior network executives.

On-the-air appearance and style will be overseen and created by our stylist.

Via their on-the-air presence, the Star Maker Affiliate will be afforded the opportunity to interact individually with their viewers and offer their professional services to them, thus greatly expanding the reach of their practice.  Viewer contacts generated by The Practitioners’ Hour must be routed through AHI Productions.

The practitioner will be offered the opportunity to produce their own series (subject to supervision and approval by AHI Productions executives), or have it produced by AHI Productions.  Revenue sharing will be negotiated on an individual basis.

Phase One applications (letters of interest, resumes and visuals) should be submitted on office stationery, either electronically (preferably in .pdf format) or via postal mail, to:

AHI Productions, Inc.
3003A Lovell Dr.
Austin, TX 78723

Questions should be directed to AHI Productions at

Thank you for your interest in the Star Maker Affiliates’ Program.  Good Luck!

AHI Productions

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