The leadership and alignment characteristics of AHI Productions’ management team have resulted in the establishment of broad and flexible goals. Our goals are designed to meet the ever-changing demands of the swift-moving television marketplace. This is evident when the team responds to situations requiring new and innovative capabilities.


By the year 2015, AHI Productions will be a globally visible company serving a worldwide audience, and known as the best television network management company to work for in the television broadcast industry.

We will have developed an unassailable reputation for accurate, relevant and compelling natural health and green living programming, allowing our sponsors to reach a global audience/market.

Advertising sales will exceed $50,000,000 annually, with an additional $30,000,000 in subscription revenue. AHI Productions will be actively pursuing expanding global partnerships to both improve the quality of content and the expansion of our business model.

Mission Statement

The AHI Productions mission is to provide a global platform for the world’s most knowledgeable, powerful and influential consultants, instructors, practitioners and artists, with expertise in natural health products and services and sustainable green living.

We act on the global stage as a facilitator of greater social interaction and awareness, a major contributor to the planetary body of knowledge, and an expander of the awareness of the interdependence of body, mind and spirit.

We provoke and inspire truth, in media and education, providing the reality of a new vision based on cooperation, not competition. We offer an alternative perspective to the current, conformist media coverage of health and environment.

Our dream is health freedom of choice, and a healthier, more cooperative planet. We inspire people to realize that serving the planet serves the individual. We offer people the vision of renewed hope, and meaningful, workable alternatives to the status quo.

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