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by admin on December 17, 2009

We are a Media Company. Our mission is to provide a global platform for the world’s most knowledgeable, powerful and influential consultants, instructors, practitioners and artists, with expertise in natural health products and services and sustainable green living.

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We act on the global stage as a facilitator of greater social interaction and awareness, a major contributor to the planetary body of knowledge, and an expander of the awareness of the interdependence of body, mind and spirit.
We provoke and inspire truth, in media and education, providing the reality of a new vision based on cooperation, not competition.  We offer an alternative perspective to the current, conformist media coverage of health and environment.
Our dream is health freedom of choice, and a healthier, more cooperative planet.  We inspire people to realize that serving the planet serves the individual.  We offer people the vision of renewed hope, and meaningful, workable alternatives to the status quo.
NHN is here to provide a platform to celebrate the genius’ in the natural health and green living arena who before now, have never had the global stage to express their much needed contributions to the health of our families, communities and our planet.
The Problem
The information sources surrounding natural health and green living are very diverse and scattered. They are generally not vetted by a reliable professional resource.
The level and sophistication of technology in CAM therapies is exploding. The problem is that traditional media does not cover wellcare with any depth. They are heavily influenced by pharmaceutical and big food advertisers.
Also, there is no consolidated, credible, “news source” about advancements in natural health and green living. There are very few “trusted advisors” / “thought leader” sources for this space.
Studies indicate that consumers are actively searching for definitive information on CAM as the population ages and lives longer. Consumers default to getting their information from:  Family and friends, bouncing from solution to solution; the Web of scattered, difficult-to-digest, economically colored information; or their primary care physicians that have little to no training in alternative medicine.
The Solution
Bring credible, vetted information to the web in usable forms, build communities, and deliver a dynamic, trusted advisor resource. Create the World’s First high-production quality, interactive, Global Internet TV Network devoted to Natural Health and Green Living Education, Entertainment, News, and Product Sales.

For example:
·    NHNtertainment, featuring documentaries, series, and feature films like “Generation RX.”
·    The Earth’s Kitchens Channel, with unique cooking shows that you can’t get on mainstream network or cable, such as “Gen’s Guiltless Gourmet.”
·    The Knowledge Channel, featuring natural health care practitioners (there are over 1200 CAM modalities, the information about many of which, until now, has had little or no public exposure)
·    The Kids and Family channel
·    A total of 12 virtual channels
With this unique interactive platform, the viewer can pick and choose when they want assistance, and NHN can monitor regularly who’s watching, how long they stay on, and where their interests are. If you haven’t already, go ahead and fill out the NHN Community optin form and you will be making a difference and staying up to date!

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